Welcome to Biomed Thread!

Hi! Welcome to Biomed Thread – a biomedical based blog run by Pharmacology students at the University of Leeds. We are excited to share our thoughts on many topics, from groundbreaking drug breakthroughs to intricate social issues. We continue to strive towards effective communication and scientific engagement with the general public.

Meet the team:

Nancy – Hello! I’m Nancy, currently on placement working as a global research assistant and clinical project administrator in late phase clinical trials for a contract research organisation. Within pharmacology, my specific interests are within neuropharmacology – being particularly interested in psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia. I also have a keen interest in obstetric and foetal toxicology, in particular focusing on the effects of anti-epileptics in terms of foetal hydantoin syndrome. I hope to write my dissertation on the intricacies of bridging the gap between in-vivo animal studies and first-in-man clinical trials in regards to neuropharmacology. I started this blog project as a good way to keep engaged with the scientific community, and equally to be a part of the vast repertoire of reliable and informed information with the aim of debunking troubling pseudoscience and misinformation.

Erika – Hi everyone I’m Erika, and currently starting my third year of Pharmacology at Leeds. My main interests within my course lie in clinical pharmacology and healthcare but also in neuropharmacology, addiction and dependence of drugs. Hence, I hope to work for the pharmaceutical industry or in healthcare once I graduate. I’m really excited to be part of this project because it is vital to engage future young scientists into field. Engaging people into science and communicating pharmacology is one of my main goals, and some of the relevant books which have inspired me are ‘Drugs Without the Hot Air’ by David Nutt and ‘Pharmageddon’ by David Healy.

Shannon – Hi everyone, my name is Shannon and I’m currently on a placement year at the Medicines Evaluation Unit in Wythenshawe Hospital where I work within the academic team as a research technician. I’m currently studying Pharmacology, and I am particularly in neurodegenerative disease research and the pathophysiology of memory loss. While at MEU I’m hoping to gain the skills required to undertake a PhD in this area. Besides this, I’m a keen advocate of public engagement regarding Pharmacology. I currently volunteer with the British Pharmacological Society and the Biochemical Society where I participate in public engagement events for people of all ages.

Matilde – Ciao readers!! My name is Matilde, I study Pharmacology at the University of Leeds. I am currently on a placement scheme based in Greater London, where I work as a Medical Affairs Associate for the Oncology department for a leading pharmaceutical company globally. I always come across something new and exciting to learn, hence why my interests tend to change vastly. I wrote my high school thesis on stem cells and regenerative therapy, and at university I collaborated on a research project surrounding the ethical issues of animal testing. I have also developed an interest in neuropharmacology, pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics. At the moment I am focusing on immunotherapy as part of my job in pharma.

Sarah-Jane – Hi everyone, my name is Sarah-Jane and I am currently undertaking an industrial placement at Reckitt Benckiser in regulatory affairs specialising in core safety labelling and CCDS/CSI implementation across the global RB portfolio. Whilst at RB I am also volunteering with TOPRA to work with the head of membership to develop local TOPRA networks in the UK for meetings and discussions. I am currently studying pharmacology at the university of Leeds, and I am particularly interested in the mechanism behind toxicants such as dethylstilbestrol and how regulatory application can prevent the potential suffering experienced by those exposed to the toxicants.

Laura – Hello! My name is Laura and I’m currently going into my final year of pharmacology at the University of Leeds. My particular areas of interest are clinical trials and pharmacovigillance. I also enjoy medical writing and have written scientific articles for my university newspaper. I am hoping to do a masters in International Health to aid my career prospects

Georgia – Hi, my names Georgia and I’m going into my third year of Pharmacology at the University of Leeds. I love how pharmacology integrates the physiology of the body to how we can treat physiological problems. My particular interests in the area include the biochemistry of the brain in terms of the treatment of mental health problems; such as depression, and futhermore and how low self esteem and chemical imbalances can lead to body dysmorphic disorders, such as bulimia and anorexia, and how we could biochemically reverse this. I would like to progress my study to do a masters degree, and then work in drug research and development.

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